Chicken-Fil-A Love


Have you noticed how fiercely fond of Chick-Fil-A people are? They have some serious brand loyalty happening. With good reason though…the food is great and the service is legitimately and notoriously pleasant. And just in case you are bothered by the title no, it’s not a typo. We have friends with a little girl who referred to the famous chicken restaurant that way and once we heard it we couldn’t unhear it or call it anything else.

The owners of one of our local CFA’s are also part of the school my girls go to. They actually have three alumni and even though their last son graduated two years ago they have stayed an active presence within the school community. Due to covid19 our school’s normal teacher appreciation celebration obviously couldn’t happen the same way so our friends very generously made sure our teachers knew how very much they are loved and appreciated. The school asked the teachers to send them snapshots of how they enjoyed this kindness and that is how this photo session came about.

Mary is probably one of the most amazing math and science teachers of all times. Her and her husband are also two of our dearest friends and when they asked if I would come take pictures of them enjoying their CFA I was all in!

Flowers, candles, a lace tablecloth, and even wine glasses for that delicious lemonade. They danced while they waited for their order and Al must really love his wife because he even fed her one of his waffle fries.

From the amount of fist pumps, air high fives and thumbs up from people in the drive thru we are pretty sure most of them thought it was a proposal. Nope, just a really fun and sweet way to say thank you to Mr and Mrs Barnes for their kindness and generosity.

There are a lot of things in our world right now that induce anxiety and lots of it. In the midst of that I am grateful for the generosity of people like the Barnes’ and friends like Al and Mary who have sense of humor. Hopefully this will bring a little bit of laughter to your day and a reminder that we really are doing all right and everything is going to be fine.

Time capsule image…love and gratitude in the time of Covid19

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