Lucy’s Fruit Bath

Little Ones

Confession time: I was not super excited about this session. Don’t get me wrong, I was super happy to get to see my niece and her sweet baby girl but I was more than a little hesitant about the kind of pictures Taylor wanted for Lucy.

Pinterest has been overrun with milk bath sessions and to be totally honest, I hadn’t seen any that made me want to rush out and try my hand at it. And adding glitter? Yeah, no. So when my niece asked if I would be willing to do a fruit bath I was skeptical. What weighed in her favor was one, I love her and Lucy and two, she just wanted us to use water and fruit.

And Oh.My.Goodness. I love everything about how the pictures turned out! The colors are just beautiful and she was as happy as a baby sitting in a tub full of fruit could be. Apparently she us a big fan of strawberries.

She didn’t mind the oranges either!

And what’s not to love about that sweet smile and those beautiful blue eyes?

All told, I am still not sure about the whole milk bath thing but bring on all the baby fruit bath sessions! I want some more of this in front of my camera. Lucy highly recommends them too.

Sweet Lucy Lou, Aunt Marty sure is glad you made this so fun!

2 thoughts on “Lucy’s Fruit Bath

  1. Thank you soooo much for taking a chance with us. The photos turned out amazing 💓 we are so thankful and so blessed to have you


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